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Claire Harrison

Coach | Mindfulness Teacher | Speaker & Facilitator 

After 15 years as a commercial director, strategist & senior executive I founded Claire Harrison Coaching to support women in leadership, because god knows the leadership journey is still not an easy one for many women & we need people on our side who support us.

Our work together will help you grow in every aspect of your life. When you work on your leadership mindset, leverage your strengths, get clear on your WHY & consciously decide to live up to your potential, you’ll start to see incredible changes in all areas of your life, not only in your career.

When we learn to live in alignment with & understand our true selves, are clear on our purpose & have a vision for our future, when we’re willing to be vulnerable & ask for support, have strong boundaries & stand in our worth, then we’re able to create a life and career we love.

I live on the beautiful northern beaches of Sydney, and work with clients here and all over the world.

Why work with me?

When you work with me either 1:1 or in one of my online programs, or when you engage me to work with you and your team, know you are working with someone who has been where you are now.

I’ve experienced both incredible success and challenging setbacks in my career as a leader, and I’ve learnt from all of these experiences, which I apply to my work as a coach & teacher. When you work with me you have direct access to my years of leadership experience, coach training, positive psychology training & business best practice.

I support leaders:

+ Transform their lives through becoming more aligned to who they really are, not who they thought they were supposed to be

+ Discover their unique strengths, clarify their values & create a vision for their career & life that lights them up

+ Develop their emotional intelligence & become more resilient

+ Find their focus, increase productivity & transform challenges

+ Challenge outdated beliefs about who they are and what they’re capable of

+ Build their confidence and overcome imposter syndrome

+ Elevate their mindset & level up their leadership capability

+ Learn to communicate effectively & increase their influence & impact

+ Change careers & launch the business they always wanted to create

+ Set life changing boundaries with others & learn to say no so they can say yes to what really matters

+ Learn to meditate & practice mindfulness to manage stress

I support businesses:

+ Create their vision & values

+ Develop their people & culture engagement strategy

+ Write their leadership team operating model

+ Use Design Thinking to innovate & harness creativity

+ Create their business strategy

+ Discover their individual & team strengths to improve engagement effectiveness

+ Build & lead high performing teams

+ Develop their brand strategy & launch to market

+ Develop coaching capability in leaders

My work is devoted to sharing ideas, tools & resources to help you get unstuck, connect with your heart, challenge outdated stories, practice radical self-care & level up in business & in life.

My professional background

I’ve held several senior leadership roles across sales, commercial operations & strategy for REA Group, NewsCorp, Getty Images, Pacific Magazines, Conde Nast & Bauer. I have over 15 years experience leading people & creating a thriving workplace culture.

I’m a certified Strengths Practitioner & Coach, Mindfulness & Vedic Meditation Teacher, hold a Diploma in Positive Psychology & am a devoted student of life.


10 things I believe

+ In approaching life with curiosity

+ In having the courage to live life on our terms

+ We can’t be successful without radical self care

+ In progress not perfection

+ In owning our vulnerability & sharing our stories

+ That finding meaning & purpose is at the heart of a life of fulfilment

+ You are here for a reason and that the world needs your gifts

+ We can conquer our inner critic & claim the life that is waiting for us

+ We rise by lifting others

+ In abundance, ease, grace & joy

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