Start 2021 in the right way

Jan 16, 2021

As we start to ease back into our work, I thought I’d share 3 simple ways you can step up in 2021, all based on our connection to others.

May you move through the year with as much grace and ease as possible.

1. Always show up

No matter what, always show up. If you commit to something or say you’ll do something, do it. The best way to tackle overwhelm is by taking action. Make yourself visible, speak up about the things that are important to you, stop complaining & get on with it. Make a commitment in 2021 to spend more quality time with people – IM, DM & email can never replace time spent face to face. Make the effort to connect in more human ways. Don’t be the person who always says ‘we must catch up’ & never makes plans to do so. Invest in your relationships & the people who are important to you. If you spend 30 minutes a day on social media you can find 30 minutes a week for coffee with a friend or someone in your professional network.

2. Be generous & over-deliver

Do something unexpected for a connection, client or friend (or stranger). When we are generous with our time, money, insight or whatever resources we have, we are the ones who benefit most. There is no better feeling in the world than doing something thoughtful for someone else. In 2021, choose to play big rather than small. Collaborate rather than compete. Smile more. Put good out into the world – it always comes back.

3. Release your attachment to outcomes

Business is increasingly fickle & uncertain. Sometimes the work we do isn’t valued or appreciated by others in the way we’d like it to be. When we work from the heart & focus on delivering our best, regardless of the outcome, we release our attachment to what others think of us. What matters is what you think about you. Trust the process. Let go.


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