10 things you can do to avoid burnout

Jan 16, 2021

Last week we spoke about the signs to be aware of, this week we’re going to focus on actions you can take to avoid burnout.

1. Learn to meditate.

If I had to limit my recommendations to one thing I would choose meditation. When I was knee deep in burnout a few years ago I decided enough was enough and found myself a meditation teacher. I’d dabbled with meditation in the past but nothing stuck. I had too many thoughts. I couldn’t sit still. It’s an age old story. Until I learnt Vedic Meditation It was (and continues to be) a game changer. I honestly don’t know where I’d be without it. In fact, it created so much positive change in my life that I became a teacher myself.

A consistent meditation practice will change your life.

2. Take responsibility for your choices.

Be honest with yourself about how often you’ve allowed your boundaries to be compromised. How often you’ve said yes when you should have said no. How you manage your priorities & your time. Realise that you are often the problem. The great news is this means you are also the solution.

3. Exercise.

An obvious one but both can go out the window when we’re exhausted. Schedule time for regular exercise & make it something you enjoy. Whilst it’s great to do something that gets your heart rate up, simple things like a walk, swim, yoga or pilates class is just as beneficial for your mind & body.

4. Take breaks throughout the day.

Get up & make a cup of tea. Take a short walk around the block. Sit in a cafe for 30 minutes (without looking at your phone!) Eat your lunch in the park with a colleague rather than at your desk. When we’re busy we think we don’t have time for these things, but it’s the small things that have a big impact.

5. Make time for downtime.

Set some time aside each day for yourself. Have one day a week where you have no commitments. Take your holidays. Reduce your screen time. Run a bath. Watch a movie. Read a great book. Go for a massage. Regularly do things that make you feel good.

6. Laugh more.

I cannot recommend this one highly enough! We can all take ourselves a bit too seriously sometimes.

7. Spend time with people who make you feel good.

Quality time with our community, family & friends is essential for our wellbeing. Make time for the people you care about.

8. Get some perspective.

Our careers are important but our health is everything. It’s our daily choices that make all the difference. For example, reading emails late at night doesn’t set you up for a restful night’s sleep. Make choices that support your wellbeing.

9. Spend time in nature.

I’m lucky enough to live in a place surrounded by natural beauty. I’m surrounded by gum trees & wake up when the kookaburras start their morning cackle. I swim in the ocean most days. Living here has had a big impact on my stress levels. Not everyone can live in nature, but you can make time for a walk in the wilderness every now and then.

10. Eat well, drink less.

Eat good quality food & limit your alcohol intake. Try to go a few days a week alcohol free if you can. Support your immune system. Stay well.


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